Viotek GN27D Gaming Monitor

Viotek GN27D Gaming Monitor

The Viotek GN27D promises a lot. It’s the flat-panel version of the curved monitor from Viotek, and features a tn panel, with an ultrawide monitor. That makes it ideal for gaming. If you’re looking at the best computer monitor for general use or even for gaming, this could just be it with a 27” screen, 144 Hz refresh rate, 1440p resolution, and FreeSync.

Performance of  Viotek GN27D 

The QHD resolution display would render quite nicely for professional work, so if you plan to use it at your desk for more than just gaming, you might be happy.After calibrating, everything is much better. The viewing angles provide some contrast shift, so for the best experience, positioning the monitor in front of you with the correct tilt is recommended to counteract any dead pixels. However, this monitor still suffers from poor contrasts in aspect ratio at extreme angles much less than other brands.
This monitor frequently performs higher than it’s publicised peak brightness of 220 nits. The ms reaction time may be a immense profit to having a TN monitor.Three-millisecond standard response time with a one millisecond response time in overdrive will get you where you need to be. Input lag may record about four milliseconds of latency, which makes for a very fast monitor for gaming. The colors offer you 100% TGB coverage and 92 DCI-P3 coverage, which is pretty impressive for a curved screen.


The design of the Viotek GN27D is comparatively easy and minimalistic. The main monitor frame is formed of plastic, and the matte coating is a little grainy. This consistency isn’t uncommon for a TN monitor, and the three-prong metal stand looks stylish. There’s also a red light on the back of the monitor. Aside from that, there’s no obvious gamer style, which many appreciate so they can use their monitor for more than just online warfare. In keeping with its basic style, there’s not a lot of fancy adjustments you can make. It tilts, but it does not swivel or change the height.
Standard ports embrace a generous serving to of 3 HDMI ports, one DisplayPort, and a headphone jack.It also comes with a pair of 2W built-in speakers that leave much to be desired.
The Viotek GN27D may be a nice worth for anyone who needs a quick gaming monitor.If you care little about the design and much about the internal components allowing you to play effortlessly, then this is the one.
It sits right within the sweet spot between the most effective color distinction of the other TN monitor, excellent screen refresh rate, and simple affordability. It’s not a costly gaming monitor with all the frills, but it’s the best TN monitor on the market.


If you’re looking for a gaming monitor, this is by far the best TN monitor you can buy. However, out of the box, it’s also calibrated nicely for a work environment. You can get pleasure from a dual-purpose monitor at an inexpensive worth with this one.

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