Lenovo ThinkBook, Yoga laptops

With its Thinkbooks and Yoga series, Lenovo is targeting the section of customers who want to make a statement with their choice. At the same time, scout for better pricing, reliability and security. These laptops are equipped with the latest Intel 10th-generation processors.The laptops also come equipped with a blur filter. That will ensure that the background is blurred during a video chat and the focus is entirely on the person talking. The laptops are 4G-connected over LTE and 5G is definitely on the road-map for Lenovo.

Lenovo is also using Q control for intelligent cooling of the system.  It works in three different modes. The third is using the artificial intelligence (AI) mode to sense how the device is being used.

The Yoga laptops,being a productive workstation, can also become an entertainment centre for the users.The Lenovo laptops come with 20-hour battery life. The Yoga series also comes with the Modern Standby mode.  While the laptop is in sleep mode,  it will still get all the mail notifications.

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