The Fuell Fluid-1 E-Bike

A premium e-bike shouldn’t just go fast, It should look like the insanely powerful brainchild of a Formula-1 engineer. That’s the Fuell Fluid-1 E-Bike, an e-bike with 100 newton-meters of torque and a 125-mile range.
Fuell’s CTO is Erik Buell, a member of the American Motorcycle Association Hall of Fame and a former engineer with Harley-Davidson. Erik Buell has had his share of ups and downs in the motorcycle business, but say what will, you can’t say he isn’t persistent. No matter how often his companies have hit hard times, he keeps coming back. Now he’s taking a different road. Instead of designing around a Harley Davidson derivative engine, he’s going all electric with FUELL. To be precise, he and his partners are doing so. Erik, serving as CTO. 
The battery and motor are customizable. The Fluid-1 goes up to 20 mph.The latter option extends the range past 100 miles. Fuell commissioned a custom mid-drive motor from manufacturer Bofeili. It beats out the most powerful motors from Bosch, Shimano, and Brose. In other words, this thing should fly off the line.

Fuell Fluid-1 E-Bike Overview

FUELL is all about creating emotion and freedom. 
This E-bike is recommended for them :
  • who want something attractive, 
  • who value design and quality, 
  • who always look for something better,
  • who want to ride the best-in-class e-bike.

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