Canon EOS M200

Canon EOS M200 entry-level model

The latest EOS M200 appearing just a short time after the EOS M6 II and EOS D90 cameras. So what’s in store for Canon’s entry-level mirrorless, the  EOS M200?  Principal to its point of difference over the two-year-old M100 is the addition of 4K video capture.

Canon had been slow to open the gates to Ultra-HD capture, reserving it for its much higher-end products. There’s been a wave of change inside the company that’s seeing this tech trickle down across the majority of its camera range.
The M200 is designed to be an easy-to-use camera with large scale sensor and interchangeable lenses. So you can change your viewpoint onto the world. It doesn’t come with a viewfinder. Instead it’s all about using that rear LCD screen. It can even be tilted forward to aid with taking selfies.
M200 has a newer Digic 8 processor, though, which is said to improve battery life overall and means eye-detection autofocus is now possible too. The Canon EOS M200 will go on sale from October 2019, priced £499.99.

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