Canon EOS 250D

Canon EOS 250D Camera

The focus system of Canon Eos 250D combines each a 9-point section detection system. Once victimisation the optical view finder, and a 143-point twin pel AF system for live read.


3-inch 104k-dot LCD vari-angle touchscreen, optical finder.
Guided shooting and inventive modes.
Lens mount: Canon EF/EF-S.
Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
3.5mm mic in.
SD card slot.

With what’s truly quite an little camera by DSLR standards, Canon hasn’t been keep with the buttons on this model. On the top, there area unit fast buttons for the ISO and screen show next to the most shutter speed dial and a conventional shooting mode wheel.

On the rear, a letter button within the centre of the four-way multi-function dial offers access to the most shooting models, whereas further buttons offer direct access to measure read exposure compensation, exposure lock, focus purpose and additional. The touchscreen show implies that you’ll truly access several of the shooting options faster with slightly of the screen.

By default, each the rear shooting screen controls and menu area unit set to a guided mode. This provides a vibrant visual guide to the mode you’re in and helps to elucidate what the on the market changes can do to your shot.  Advanced users will amendment these screens back to the quality Canon displays, while not the tutorial recommendation or bright colors.

One of this model’s stand-out options is that the vari-angle screen. The 3-inch show is mounted on a bracket that enables it to be flipped and twisted for viewing higher than, below, to the aspect and – most significantly – from before of the camera. it is simple to dismiss this as a gimmick for the selfie-obsessed (though everybody loves an honest selfie sometimes), however it is a handy feature for those wanting to shoot video and gift to camera.


9-point AF system with optical finder (f/2.8 centre purpose, f/5.6 others)
143-point twin pel AF with live read (3,975 purpose manual selection)
12 scene modes, ten inventive filters (including four HDR modes)
5 frames per second (5fps) continuous shooting
AI focus, round and AI Servo focus modes
Battery: 1020 shots (finder), three hundred (live view)

Both do an excellent job at providing quick and correct focusing, although a 9-point system feels a bit limiting currently – there square measure cameras with dozens of points for higher and a lot of complicated subject pursuit and pinpoint accuracy.

When in live read mode you’re ready to manually choose your focus purpose from anyplace on the touchscreen. this implies that instead of the 143 automobile selectable points, you really have nearer to four,000.

Despite being a client model, the main focus systems will benefit of higher-end lenses, providing larger sensitivity at the centre purpose with associate degree f/2.8 lens. meaning if you have got a lens with a good aperture – therefore a lot of light-weight will enter, which supplies larger management over blurred background – there aren’t any limitations here.

Image quality

24.1 million-pixel APS-sized CMOS sensing element, ISO 100-25,600 (51,200 high mode)
Shooting modes: Raw (14-bit), Raw+JPEG (Fine, Normal), JPEG
Video: 4K (3840×2160, 24/25p), HD (1920×1080, 60/50/30/25p)
384-zone appraising metering via live read
63-zone dual-layer metering via optical device

The sensing element utilized in the  Canon EOS 250D could be a 24.1 million-pixel APS-C sized unit. That is fractionally less inhabited than the 24.2 million-pixel sensing element within the previous a pair of00D (SL2) model. Notably, however, this new sensing element isn’t identical because the twenty four.1 MP model in the EOS 2000D. The ISO sensitivity vary of a hundred to twenty five,600, with a high mode of fifty one,600 (the same because the 250D), continues to be tight for a budget camera – place to use once you ought to guarantee exposures may be created in rheostat conditions or wish to freeze subjects higher by employing a quicker shutter speed.

Overall, the photographs made by the Canon EOS 250D square measure extremely spectacular and square measure a good reminder why it’s value employing a DSLR over a compact camera or phone. pictures stay freed from noise up to ISO 3200 once shooting in JPEG, whereas some noise is visible within the Raw files from ISO 800.


The key to an honest entry-level DSLR is providing easy-to-use functions for those less delicate. whether or not they try a DSLR for the primary time or trying to progress from basic motorcar shooting to additional artistic work, the camera has to give a route in and the simplest way to find out additional. It ought to conjointly still be a good camera in its title, delivering high quality and performance for each level of shooter.

The Canon EOS 250D fulfils all of this. It are often simply picked up by a replacement user, teach the progressing lensman, and still provide high quality pictures for all. The multi-directional screen associate degreed video practicality build this an appealing providing for those trying to mix still and video shooting too. particularly those trying to capture themselves on camera.

The addition of 4K video capture could tempt users however this is not the perfect camera for those trying to try to to several artistic video shooting at 4K. However, HD video performance is incredibly smart.

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