Baseus type-C cable

Best Fast charging Cable on low budget

Today’s C-type cables charge all the highest Android devices. To stay your devices charged and prepared to travel once you need them most, however, you ought to invest during a spare USB-C cable that won’t break or splinter.

Don’t believe the only USB-C cable that shipped together with your device. Instead, choose a backup cable from the list below, which is extremely cheap & best for you.

USB cable is extremely important for us immediately. From my personal experience I will be able to mention two cables That I prefer considerably. If you would like to shop for cheap but good quality usb cable, choose usb cable from here.

Baseus Type-C Cable:

For Fast Charging Wire Cord USB-C Charger Mobile Phone USBC Type-c Cable

Baseus C type cable


Brand: Baseus
Quick charge: Yes (QC3.0/ QC2.0)
Material : Aluminium shell and High density nylon braid.
Length: 0.5/1/2/3 M
Suitable for: C type device
Output current : 0.5/1M/2M : 9V/2A 5V/3A 5V/2A
Color: Red/Black
Transmission speed: 480Mbps
Light : Gradient Light
Price : US $4 on Aliexpress

Baseus Type-C cable

Baseus cable that’s so cheap price. It has SR reinforced protection ,High density nylon braid. It can deliver up to 5V at 3A, so fast charging won’t be a problem. Data sync speeds are USB 2.0, so you’ll get up to 480Mbps.

You can rely on baseus for stylish design, even when it comes to USB-C cables, but perhaps the main attraction of this Integra USB-C to USB-C cable is the colored breathable gradient light.

Charging speeds will vary depending on your device and charger.

YKZ Type-C cable:

YKZ fast charging type-C cable


Brand: YKZ
Quick charge: Yes 3.0
Material : Aluminium alloy plug, nylon braid.
Length: 50/100/180 CM
Suitable for: C type device
Output current : Maximum 3A
Color: Black/Red/Silver/Blue
Transmission speed: 480Mbps
Light : Green indicator Light
Price : US $2 on Aliexpress

YKZ fast charging type-C cable

You can use this cable to connect a new device with a USB-C port to a charger or computer with a standard USB port. This is a durable cable that you can rely on, with a nylon exterior and anti oxidation and corrosion resistance.The transmission speed us really great. The connectors also have reinforced necks to reduce damage from bending, and this cable won’t tangle or get knotted. It syncing speeds at up to 480Mbps, and can hit the maximum charging speeds for most smartphones.

My opinion :

Personally I prefer both of these cables and in the dark you actually need a cable which may light.


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